Saturday, December 17, 2011

A few more photos.

This morning Carlos will be meeting Roger, our architect and Arturo to discuss the wiring of the house for computer, and TV. He wants to install a network and to be on the safe side wants a conduit to each room. Than later today Carlos, Mike and Tine will be renting a car and go to Mayapan. They all enjoyed seeing Chichen Itza very much but it will be a much different experience at a ruin with few or no people. Tomorrow they plan to go to the cenotes.
I received an e-mail from Arturo yesterday showing some more of the finish work on the house. I thought I would just publish a few.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

They are enjoying Merida so much!

When Carlos, Mike and Tine arrived in Cancun they were able to catch the bus from the airport directly to Merida thus spending more money but saving on some time and stress. Carlos called it the "gringo express". He did like the big comfy bus and not having to go to downtown Cancun!
Arriving at the Fiesta Americana, they hailed a taxi which dropped them off at Las Arecas, the place we usually stay in Merida. This week the four of them have the place to themselves. It is listed on Tierra Yucatan for sale so maybe this has something to do with their empty rooms as well as the economy. Carlos loves to wander over to Santiago in the morning for a leisurely breakfast at La Reina Morena.
On Wednesday he had a dental appointment for a cleaning and a fitting for a new crown. This was a new to us dentist that someone had recommended on their blog. Thanks, he really liked them! (Quality Dental) They are so upfront about their pricing and it is so reasonable! We were able to schedule the appointments on line and they were very quick to respond. Now on Friday he will go to have the new crown put on.
On Wednesday afternoon Carlos took Mike and Tine to our favorite place to eat, Peter Pan-Cho on Calle 82 por 59 y 59A. They really enjoyed both the botanos and the fish!
Mike and Tine

After the wonderful meal it was time for them to walk the block north and east to our house and view the construction. This would be the first time that Mike and Tine has seen it. Thank you Tine for taking all of these photographs as Carlos' camera ran out of batteries!

The finishing looks great and is almost done!
This morning they are off on a full day bus tour to Chichen Itza. I'm sure I'll have lot's more to report!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Carlos is going to Merida without me!

Mike in Peru
We decided to bring our plumbing supplies to Mexico by ship, and would not spend time in Merida like last December. Than we got a phone call from Mike, our Danish exchange student from 25 years ago who wanted to visit Merida and see how our house was coming along. As we had already booked the cruise with my sister and her husband, it was decided that Carlos (who has vacation the entire month of December) would escort Mike and his partner Tine there. I have surgery scheduled for December 19th and will not be able to travel with them.
I returned to St Louis this past Tuesday and Carlos stayed in Florida at his sisters' house. Mike and Tine are arriving tonight (Friday) and they all are leaving for Merida (via Cancun) on Tuesday! This has actually worked out pretty well as I forgot to order the garbage disposal and Carlos can now take it down with him! (as well as some outlet covers for the GFCI, as several were broken in transit on our visit in Oct) They will return to St Louis on December 21st in time for Christmas here.
Mike was one of the 14 exchange students we hosted over the years. He was number 3... and he was one that we decided to host in the middle of the year when his original placement in Kansas did not work out. He is also one of the kids we have remained the closest to over the years. He returned to St Louis to do an internship when he was at university, working 6 months for Carlos' company. He and Carlos have travelled to Panama together when we were thinking that Panama was the place for us. Mike and Carlos and two of my brother-in-laws did the Machu Picchu trip two years ago. (and survived the 5 day climb!) We have visited Mike and his family several times in Denmark as well as meeting in Munich for Octoberfest... so through the years he has become a close member of our family.
Carlos, Santiago, Jim and Mike at Machu Picchu
I am so excited to hear his thoughts of Merida. I'm sure he will fall in love with the city and become one of our frequent visitors.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Faucets, Showerheads and Pat and Carlos enjoy the cruise!

Towel dog with shower head

Towel Rabbit with Copper Faucet

Fabulous room steward Eugenio with Faucet

Faucet knocking on door

Architect Roger with lovely wife
We returned to Miami today and are staying with Carlos' sister and family. My sister and husband headed to Jupiter Beach to visit some of his relatives. The cruise was great and we walked off in Cozumel with two suitcases of beautiful faucets, showers, valves, etc with no questions or problems. Architect Roger and lovely wife Alejandra came to the International port and picked us up on time and the transfer was completed! The plumbing supplies also enjoyed the cruise, and they look forward to supervising construction!