Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Snow Storm!

We have had lots of snow this winter here in St Louis. Our usual cumulative total for a winter season is around 17.5 inches. This year we have had way more or maybe it just feels that way! Today we are expected to have anywhere  from 8 to 12 inches. It has been coming down at the rate of an inch or two per hour and we have had THUNDER snow! I just finished shoveling off the front stairs and porch and I took a couple of photos.
I brushed off the snow so I could feed the wildlife a little extra
View from the front door

side yard

back yard

Carlos is wondering how long he can hold out. He hates winter and he can't retire for at least another year and a half. He saves up all his days off so we can go to Merida for a month in December, so he can't even escape to Florida to visit his sister. 
But I can! So this Friday I am off to Florida where I will stay with his sister pre and post cruise (5 days) and will float around in the Caribbean for seven days on the Norwegian Epic. My friend Mary will be joining me on the cruise, along with 4,100's a huge ship. 
Norwegian Epic

So I will soak up a little sunshine, snorkel and float in the Caribbean and dance until dawn (not likely but it sounds good) for almost 12 days!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Filling up the suitcase(s)

My current list!
The last two times we've gone to Merida I have brought things down that I either treasure or was afraid I wouldn't find easily. A few items I've hauled down, I've found at one of thee many stores I've explored. This past December I made a list as I either could not find the item at one of the many stores I visited or did not like the brands or it was way overpriced. I keep a suitcase in the bedroom and as I shop around St Louis, I check out the clearance items and add to my suitcase. Today I checked out all the items I've purchased since our return in January.
I never could find deep woods off around Merida! (and only 1.00 each on clearance)
More clearance items..7.00 us for the mosquito racket.

100% cotton percale sheets! (and only 20.00 on clearance!)

From Thailand, a treasured gift from a friend!
And so it goes... recently I have been concentrating on pillows for the couch and beds. Yes I have bought some and I think I will make some. As soon as the curtain rods go up on the French doors in the bedrooms I will get the measurements and try my hand on making some curtains with the grommet tops. I'm glad it's too expensive to bring furniture with us....otherwise my garage would be filled too!
Two of the pillow 

This is the material for me to make more couch pillows!