Monday, July 29, 2019

Cleaning out the Septic System - Mexican Style!

We knew this day would come! Since we are all on our very own septic systems in Merida, we knew sooner than later we would have to face getting the honey truck here to empty us out! And it would be sooner rather than later because we flush our toilet paper unlike many whom do not!

However our architect did us a favor and when he redesigned the simple Mexican style home to something more up to date, he put a new septic system right in the front yard where the previous owners parked but we wanted a front yard buffer from the street. It is placed inside the gate, to the left of this photo and is approx right in front of the doors. Thank you Roger for thinking of this. It means that I don't have nasty dirty hoses going through my house! Stinky ones at that!

Our toilet flushing slowed down, the showers drained slow, so we knew the time was quickly approaching to handle this situation. Today the workers showed up and here are some of the photos!

This is the waste chamber where the solids remain, than the grey water goes to the second chamber where it slowly leaches into ground.

Both chamber were opened and the workers sucked out all the solid waste as well as all of the grey water. They hosed both chamber with clean water than continued to remove all of the stinky stuff.
They than recapped the chambers and marked them to find the covers easier. (we figure in 2024)

Now it's up to Carlos and I to get some landscape cloth and re spread  the gravel. All of this was 3,000 mxp or the equivalent of about $150 US. Since there are no waste treatment plants we asked were they emptied the tanks and we were told that the city of Merida does have a plant and they charge them 750 mxp to empty their trunk, I feel better knowing that!