Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Official...Carlos is RETIRED!

Monday was Carlos official retirement we have many plans of what to do and are right in the middle of them.
First we travelled to South Dakota to get new drivers licenses and to change our residence to the state. Nine hour drive there, a few hours to do what was needed as well as an overnight to make it our residence and than nine hours back. Got our license plates and the car is back from the auto shop all repaired and made pretty...
South Dakota
This morning I bought a couple of dog crates that will fit in the back of the van for the cats to ride in comfort and safety from St Louis to the Yucatan. I figure that I will put two cats, a litter pan and food in water in each. They used to be the crates of a couple of 60 pound labs so we should be good.
Our transportation to Merida

Tomorrow we leave to fly to Ft Lauderdale where on Tuesday we catch a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. There we will stay for five days with friends that were our exchange students many years ago. After that we will take a ship for 14 days to Miami.This is the start of the celebration for Carlos retirement!
In a strange coincidence friends who used to live here in St Louis area will be on the same ship. (they now live in Celebration, FL) The ship will arrive in Miami on the 20th of October. The morning of the 21st we have an eight am appointment at the Mexican Consulate to apply for our temporal visa.....So today we are making copies of all that paperwork we need......and I have to pack too.
Soon it will be Goodbye St Louis!