Wednesday, May 2, 2018

And this is how I'm filling all the hours....

There is so much to do in Merida that it easy to fill all the hours in a day. However, I am not one to sit in front of the TV, or to shop...except for groceries. We also do not eat out much because of some dietary restrictions. I have filled many hours taking classes and learning some new skills. I also garden, cook, and sew! I find that doing some volunteer work is a satisfying way of giving back to the wonderful community of Merida.
Art (and music) is in the air in Merida. The artist community here is extensive and the artists are from all over the world. I have the pleasure of knowing a weaver from Czech Republic, A textile artist from New York City,  a glass artist from Iowa, a sculpture from Indianapolis, painters from Canada, painters from Holland, a German ceramicist, a potter from Atlanta, a water colorist from England and many more! Each one adds to the atmosphere of Merida. Added to this international artist colony is the many great artists from the Yucatan as well as other states in Mexico. I have been lucky to not only take some classes from the international artists but from the craftspeople of Merida too!
I started out my class taking with glass fusion classes taught by Randa from Iowa, Super talented and always willing to share her art I have taken several classes from her as well as arranged some for my international visitors.

Another class that I love was basket weaving. Taught at Louise's textile center, the Maya fellow who taught it did not speak any English but with his hands and patient way, he had all of his students weaving beautiful baskets in no time! 

Maestro helping me with my edge work.

My finished basket

And another one!

Sometimes the baskets are useful!
One self-learned craft has been hat making....strange yes, but fun. I first was invited to a Kentucky Derby party and a hat was required. Hmmmm, I thought and I went hunting for some material. Found some and made a hat. I won the contest...I didn't even know there was a contest! Than there was a polo game for charity...some friends wanted I made more! Really fun! Here are some of the results:
My first hat!

And than there were more! (The women look so beautiful!)

For me, just a small hat this time!

Stay tuned for Part II of And this is how I am filling all the hours.......