Friday, February 23, 2018

Drinking Water in Merida

There are many ways to get your drinking water in Merida. You can install a reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink or you can drink bottled water. We choose to drink bottled water. Now this is not the end of the can have the 20 Liter bottles delivered by a service for about 25 mxp per bottle, take your empties to a store and exchange them for about 20 mxp or go to a water machine and fill them yourself for 10 mxp. Since we have a car we choose to take them to a water machine for refilling. To get the bottles, called garraphones para agua, you can buy a filled one at the store and pay a 40 mxp deposit in addition to the 20 mxp for the water. We did this and now have 4 bottles we refill around 2 times a month.

First we load up the empty bottles and head out to our favorite water machine. It's on a quiet street in a close neighborhood. 

This is what the machine looks like and it's very easy to use. You can fill different size bottles in this machine. The first thing you do is put your cap in the cap holder and turn your bottle upside down so the machine gives it a cleaning spray. 

We keep correct change in the car because it does not take bills.

All the garrafones are lined up and ready to be filled.

4 garrafones take about 15 minutes to fill.

There are racks that you can purchase to hold multiple bottles. I want one...however I just haven't found the right one yet!