Sunday, October 28, 2012

I haven't been to Merida (since August) BUT I have been other places!

Sometimes I get restless. Carlos gets even more restless. I am already retired and for the most part take care of my wonderful grand daughter Maia while her parents work. In August my son and girlfriend had another baby, a beautiful little boy they named Carlos Xander Q. So while the maternity leave was happening I took advantage to spend some time travelling!

We first went for a week to Cocoa Beach, Florida. The weather was beautiful and we got a chance to spend time with my sister and her family! What fun! We also spent a day with good friends who have chosen Celebration, Florida as their retirement haven. Loved it! After 7 days there it was time to go home as Carlos had to return to work..

We had not been home even a week when I found out that my only remaining uncle, who I think the world of was seriously ill in New York. His sister, my Aunt B lives in Iowa about 5 hours away so we decided to go to our hometown in upstate NY for a week. The fall colors were just beautiful.  We spent much time at the hospital but I still managed to visit with my sisters and some high school friends. (and Uncle A is much recovered!)

Now Carlos still had several vacation days unscheduled and thousands of Southwest Air miles, not to mention Hertz Miles and Marriott points... so I looked around for a long weekend and we are now in Reno, Nevada! We have been here since Thursday and will return to St Louis tomorrow. What a good time we have been having! Yesterday we drove over the mountains to South Lake Tahoe and went to see rocker Leon Russell in concert at one of the casinos. For 70 years old he STILL has it!

The weather in Reno has been wonderful and it has been great to see some mountains as well as some snow!

Our next scheduled trip is for Merida on December 1! We are staying until January 4th! I'm so excited... and we may have friends and family joining us!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not much is happening right now...

I am packing suitcases for our month long trip in December. I have a suitcase sitting on the bedroom floor and as I think of things or buy things I throw them in the suitcase. Tonight I weighted it and this first one is about 45 lbs. I have packed a French press coffee pot, some bath and body works soaps, measuring cups, a couple of non-stick frying pans, towels, a couple of yummy smelling candles. Also some spices to cook Puerto Rican food, a rice washer bowl, and 4 individual surge protectors designed to use with appliances. Now it's time to bring out a second suitcase! Since we are traveling via Air Tran in business class we can check 4 bags and carry on two. I plan to take full advantage of that!
We have had a skype conference call with Roger to discuss some appliance details as well as a little about the pool and guest house in the back. (casa de huespedes) We have an estimate but are waiting for the design details. And I am working on some of the landscaping details, mainly deciding what kinds of plants I would like.
And here are a few updated photos of what has changed since I last blogged!

A few more windows have been installed including this one with frosted windows!

Kitchen cabinets and wine cooler ready to go.. though no counter tops yet!