Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nothing much is happening..... at least right now!

It's spring here in St Louis, but in Merida the 'hot' season is just starting. We had a skype meeting with Arturo yesterday and he forwarded us some photos he took last week. Since none of our new projects have started there was really not much new to see.
However, the property owner next door is building something in his backyard and has raised the wall between our property and his. It looks like he is building a one or two bedroom casita. Whatever it is he has just saved us a few thousand dollars on our wall! Yeah! Now it will be back to the drawing board for our architect as our wall was going to be a much different design.

After wall height added

Architects Plans
I'm eager to get some things going. We have a list of items we want to add/modify in our original house and would like to finish those before we go on to the pool and the still undecided about casita. Our item list includes things like screen on all the window and doors, water softner unit, new kitchen sink...I hate the one installed, protectorants added to several window and the door out to the roof, and some drawers added to the kitchen and hanging bars added to the bedroom closets. In all I think there were about 85 additional items to tweak or add. 
Love the faucet...hate the sink!
Carlos has been able to schedule the entire month of December off, so we well be in Merida as we were last year...Maybe this time we will have some company!