Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The wall is almost finished...

I wasn't sure about the wall being covered in stone before, but now as it's almost done I am really happy with it. I just need to work on trusting Roger more. He's been right almost every time! I still am reserving judgement on colors however!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How did I miss the discussion about our wall?

We had a Skype conversation with Arturo last night and he mentioned how nice the wall was turning out. "What wall?", I asked. And he went on about how interesting it is to watch the stone workers cover our wall in stone by cutting and placing all the stone like a large puzzle. How did I miss the conversation when we were told that some of our wall outside would be covered in stone? How did Carlos miss this conversation? After all his first language is Spanish... well actually Puerto Rican spanish... but close enough! I knew that one of the walls in the interior hallway will be covered in stone, that's where the inside waterfall will be... but outside in the courtyard... I totally missed that one! So I reserved judgement until Arturo's photos arrived last night.

And the verdict is, I like it! I'm imagining the area with some green and my courtyard water feature. As Roger, our architect would say, "Organica"!
Arturo also sent several photos of some of the fine finish on the walls now, with promised of some more photos this week. Here are those....

What comes next? Well this week the electrician and the plumber spent some time here. We are still waiting for the tile order to be finished and delivered and the floors to start being installed... than we will really see some changes! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maia loves the snow...

Maia kissing her first snowman earlier this month
Earlier this week it was cold, cloudy, dull and grey. Just the weather I hate! It snowed and Maia wanted to go outside and make another snowman, but the cold was just bitter and the wind would cut right through her. So I did what I used to do when my son was a toddler. I brought the snow in to her. And she had a blast!
Maia loves her 'peoples'

Her snowman gets a nose.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have the winter doldrums.....

I’m in the winter doldrums. You know that time after the holidays when there is nothing going on…. I’ve almost recovered from surgery, I have a slight chest cold and it’s grey and cold here. I’ve walked my miles several times, but most days it’s just too cold and windy. Carlos is back to work after a month vacation and this week he’s in Omaha. He’ll be home next week and than he has several weeks in Miami! The Merida casa doesn’t seem to be advancing much right now and frankly I’m ready for it to surge ahead so I can see some results.
I’ve been spending my time reading through all the blogs and writing down places and restaurants to visit. I’m so jealous of many of the bloggers. They have so much wisdom to share… I soak it up. Their writings transport me to Merida and I learn so much from the information that they write about. Many times they verbalize what I am feeling but I am unable to communicate. I hope they realize how important their sharing of information is to others!
So in the meantime I sit here in the midwest. In my head I am starting to plan furniture I need for the Merida house. I’ve been saving images of the furnishing I like to remind myself when it’s time to find them. Plans are to start the declutter process here so I know what I will take to Merida and what I will leave behind, sell or give away.
I’m really ready for spring and hoping we can spend time in March in Merida, but it’s looking like that may not happen….