Friday, February 17, 2012

It's all about the time!

I look at the photos that Arturo sends me and I have to look and look again to see any changes. I realize that construction takes time. I have to stop and remind myself that this is Mexico! I still have some of the NOB get it done NOW mentality! I really need to slow myself down.
It's interesting that I am married to a Puerto Rican and have lots of Puerto Rican relatives. We joke over and over again about "Q" time and 'real time'. Oh yeah and we also have 'A' time which is Carlo's sister's family time. Real time is actual time invited and could be 10 minutes early. 'Q' time is Carlos time which is usually 30 minutes to an hour past the time invited or expected by people such as my family... but 'A' time is more than an hour and up to several hours past the time expected.
Here is an example... Carlos is in Miami and he and his sister's family decide that today would be a great beach day.. this is at breakfast about 8 or so. The kids get their bathing suits on but continue to play. S, their dad decides that he needs to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and after that starts to make some lunch as it's an hour or two after breakfast. K, the mom is cleaning up the rest of the house. Carlos continues to sit at the table and converse, etc. They talk about getting ready to go. Kids are getting restless. About 2, after lunch and cleaning up again, they get in the car to go. They arrive at the beach at 4 pm. Dark at five... Day at the beach ends up being an hour at the beach... That's 'A' time. If it was 'Q' time we would have arrived at the beach at about 11. Heck with lunch. When Carlos and I were first married, 35 years ago.. he would have been 'A' time, through the years of my nagging and northern living he is now 'Q' time.
What will happen when we move to our house in Mexico? Will I be able to make the transition from 'real time' to 'Q' time and maybe even to 'A' time? I'm going to start my practicing now... no longer will I be punctual. I will make a pact with myself that I will be at least 10 minutes late for everything and work my way to the hours of 'A' time. I wonder if I can really do this!
So below are some of the small changes that I see!
Wall is totally done and ready for lights

Beams go over terraces for translucent roofing


Roof is cut for skylight over inside fountain