Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our first Volunteer Effort In Merida

Yesterday Carlos and I experienced our first volunteer day here in Merida. We offered to help at the Artist Studio tour which is a fund raising activity for the Merida English Library, which is more than a library. It also serves as a community center for many, many activities from story hours to happy hours to lectures and music. Our assignment was to volunteer at one of the artists studio during the tour. We would help with crowd control if needed as well as check for wristbands and answer questions. We meet our assigned artist about  days before the event at a 'training' session at the library. At the same time we were able to meet the other volunteers as well as the 19 other artist that were participating.
Our assigned artist, Paul Lorenz, was a charming American somewhere in his 40's (best guess) originally from Chicago, currently living in Puducah, KY and Merida, Yucatan. Trained as an architect his art work is fascinating and compelling. Both Carlos and I felt we had won the assignment lottery and really was looking forward to helping with whatever we could on the day of the tour.
The poster was on the door
 On the day of the tour we arrived at Paul's home and studio just before 10am. The tours would continue until 3pm so we all would have a longish day. Paul had hung the post on the door at the street so the touring folks would know that they had arrived at artist studio #15. He greeted all and chatted about his life and painting as well as answered any question that were asked.
Paul, in the white shirt talking about his art

Carlos waiting for the next group
We did get chances to rest between groups but all in all it seemed to be a very successful day, Carlos and I not only meet a wonderful artist and his family, but had a chance to meet others to. And the art! Oh man if I had more money there were a few that would be hanging on my wall right now!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Sunday Walk

Both Carlos and I like to walk. Whether a vigorous walk or a casual stroll we like them all. Today we decided to explore some parts of Merida I have never been to. We walked down our street Calle 45 and than hooked a left onto Calle 82. We stopped to admire Ochenta Y Dos, a bed and breakfast that is under construction (you can find them on Facebook) than continued our way down to Calle 59 which is one of the main bus street in Merida. From there we entered Centennial Park which is frequented by extended family groups all enjoying their Sunday.

Attached to the park is the small zoo. Although it is a little old fashioned with large fenced areas rather than the natural type we now see in the US, the animals as well as their environment seemed clean. 


Once we exited the zoo area on the other side of the park we could barely get through the crowd of families with their excited children!

From there it was back down Calle 59, across Santiago Park and to home. Just another beautiful day to take a walk in Merida!
Santiago Park