Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We've now got this tour guide thing down!

We have now had visitors from Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary as well as the United States and feel like we have the 'tour' ingrained in our brain...the only thing that may change is the order of things. Luckily it is what we enjoy as well as what our guests have loved.
The first day after most arrive we try to just let them de-stress, relax and get used to the heat of the Yucatan. We may take them out for a typical Yucatan lunch and than just let them lie around the pool.

Getting up early the next morning we would leave for Uxmal which is about an hour and half drive from Merida. It's great to beat some of the tour buses there. Though Uxmal is no where as crowded as Chichen Itza is and I think it's as beautiful. 

After several hours at Uxmal we like to take our guests to eat lunch in the next pueblo down the road called Santa Elena. There we eat at The Pickled Onion a great restaurant as well as a bed and breakfast. From there it is time to head back to Merida for dinner and an early night. Again our guests are pretty tired out from the heat.
To change it up a bit on the next day we are likely to take them to the beach at Progreso. About 30 minutes north of Merida, it is the closest beach. With many beach palapas, it is a very nice place to sit and watch the water and to have a drink or two. After sitting on the beach for several hours we head to lunch at a fish place a bit of the beaten other words off the beach and 1/2 the price. Yum Ixpu is known to the Mexican families as a place to eat fresh fish at a great price.

By the third or fourth day our guests are ready to explore Merida. It is now that we take them to Lucas Galvez, the main mercardo. Every vegetable imaginable is for sale as well as hardware, pet food, pets, shoes, undies and way much more. The sounds, the smells and the crush of people fills all of your senses. It is the real Mexico.

While in centro we will also visit the main plaza and some of the historic buildings. Later that evening we would attend one of the activities in one of the plaza, like dancing in Santiago Park.

Now the week is just half done and there's more to come, so wait for part II! In the meantime....time to take a nap!