Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coming into the heat!

Our guests treated us to some wonderful goulosh!
Well, I've been's been the cold season and I not only had two sets of visitors (Sweden..but Hungarian and San Jose, CA) but have spent lots of time just doing...daily things! And I am still 'doing'.
I've loved showing the Merida area to guests. Both sets of visitors took advantage of the great dental care and had some work done...think teeth cleaning as well as dental in-plants. One also went to our dermatologist. We went to Progreso and ate fish, we visited my favorite Maya ruin of Mayapan and just spent some quality time sipping drinks around the pool as well as at our local cantina!

Than I got a message from my favorite sis that she would be taking a cruise with a friend and they would stop in Cozumel! Haven't seen her in a couple of years and it didn't take much persuasion to get Carlos to agree on meeting her there for the day! We took the bus over to Playa del Carmen using our discount INAPAN cards (like aarp) than the ferry to Cozumel. We stayed at hotel Casa Mexico right across the street from where the cruise ship docked. A great time was had by all! 
Me, Connie and my sis!

Me and my sis!

Now Carlos is in the states for a three week visit to see family as well as to do our taxes and a bit of shopping and I am here in Merida holding down the to speak! 
Our next set of visitors will arrive from Czech Republic in several weeks, followed by our Danish friends in July and our German friends in August. BTW, these have all been exchange students we hosted back when our son was young! (We hosted 14 different kids and have remained in touch with all) Now they are all grown up and have families of their own!
We have been busy doing other things too... Again we proctored the Artist Studio tour and was assigned to the same great artist, Paul Lorenz..

We've gone on cantina crawls, attended art gallery openings, installed a new master bathroom sink we had made for us, played with new software and just lived here in the wonderful city of Merida!
Another fun cantina crawl with our Canadian friends!

copper sink

New app called Dreamscope, had fun making my cat into art!