Friday, March 30, 2018

It's Baseball Season!

One beautiful night last season!

Both Carlos and I wait for baseball season. The Leones de Yucatan is our local team and their stadium is just a hop, skip and bump away from our centro home. We went to baseball games in the states. However it's no longer affordable to attend many. Last time I went to see my local team, the Saint Louis Cardinals, it set us back more than 100 US dollars. That was only tickets, so far away and high up in nosebleed land the game was not even enjoyable. Here in the Yucatan it is still and event for family.Tickets for my favorite area, alta butaca, behind home plate and a bit high to catch the breeze are only about 50 mxp each. (at current exchange rate of about 2.50-300 US) Many of the games have specials such as women and children free. It's common to see Mom and Dad and Grandparents with 4 or 5 children at the game enjoying the evening breeze and having a good time.

And then comes the most awesome part
 THE FOOD! I will tell you that I have never seen such a variety of food at an event, except possible a state fair. And everyone eats... so many choices! Beers are poured two in a cup...price 50mxp (US 2.70) Each area of the stadium have several drink/beer vendors and they are attentive!
Beers are heavy!

 And there is so many more choices!
You want peanuts with that beer?

Or a giant ham sandwich!
Popcorn...with or without hot sauce?

Fries or fried hot dogs or marquasitas (like a rolled crepe)?
The Lupita Botana girl will take your order...
And make you this....which you can share all around your seats!

AND There is even more!
Restaurants will take your order and deliver to your seat!
I did not get pictures of it all, there is pizza, and fruit and coffee frappe, and ice cream and candy apples and spun sugar, kibis, cup o'soup, and on and on!
In the meantime the game is going on, the fans are cheering, the drums are drumming and hopefully the Leones are scoring...and last three games we spent (total for all 3) with tickets and food somewhere in the vicinity of 50 us!
Got to have my churros!

The mascot and me!
Hope to see you at a game soon!

(Thank you Julia for being the covert photographer!)