Monday, January 15, 2018

Front Doors!

The tropics really gives houses in Merida a beating. This is one of my two front doors. They are about 5 years old now, made of wood with the upper windows that open. The door is split and we usually only open the right side unless we are moving something large into the house. The doors are a mess! This one I have had repaired/rebuilt two times and it needs it again. We decided to pack it in and look for other possibilities. 

We found a aluminum fabricator several blocks away, had him come and give us a price, discussed the 'colonial' look to match the house and ordered two. We also had him as part of the project subcontract a pair of wrought iron protectorants to also add both to safety and the colonial look. ( has not been an issue). We decided to put an upper transom as well as two frosted glass windows on each door...with the split door that actually gives us 4 windows that will open as well as glass in the transom. 

With the protectorents we will have screening (cat proof) and deadbolts so that we can keep the entire door open to the northern breeze. This should keep the mosquito and the feral cats out and our 3 cats in!
On Friday we had the first aluminum door delivered as well as the protectorents. Monday the install starts....
Now it's several days later and the install continues. One door is installed and all but the fine tuning is done. (some calking and cleaning) I love the look and can't wait for them both to be finished and the screening to be installed. We still have the colonial look which is a big part of Merida's charm and the hopefully less upkeep of the aluminum. 

All of the doors are fine tuned, calked and the screening is installed. We are loving them more each day. The winter north breeze is now being channeled into our home. The cats seem to love it to as now they can gaze outside. The amount of light the door windows let in is truly amazing. Next project is to replace a few of the wood windows with aluminum.
Gustavo looking out the door