Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our month in Merida...Part I

After 37 beautiful and mostly warm days in Merida, it was time to leave. The time spent there just flew by! The first 15 days were mostly spent with our architect and shopping for things such as drapes and a bathtub or talking to vendor who were to supply our screens, for the doors and windows, as well as retrofit the french doors for screens. The pool and casita were not finished when we arrived in November, but the workers were right on it as we watched them work long and hard until suddenly on the 15th they all disappeared!
On the 16th of December. Carlos sister Karen and her two kids, Ana and Sebastian arrived. They were our first guests and we happily welcomed them and delighted in sharing Merida! Sebastian was fascinated by the corner plaques and quickly got into finding and photographing them As the kids are home schooled this would become his project for the month. Sebastian found one just one block from our home which in the hundred of times I've walked this way I had never noticed.
I had never noticed this corner plaque!

Sebastian with one of his finds!
Once the pool had the final finish and was filled the kids delighted in both early morning and late afternoon swims. The water temperature seemed to be between 80-82 degrees F which is a little cool for me but not for them! I had muled down some inflatables purchased in the USA and they were enjoyed by both the kids.
An early evening swim

Ana loved the beach.

The kids also enjoyed taking buses, shopping, ice skating at Galleria, taxi rides, and the beach in Progreso. Sebastian enjoyed going to the to the juice man two blocks away and buying the morning fresh squeeze orange juice. He was not afraid to try to speak Spanish to makes his needs know! On Christmas eve their father Santiago arrived from Boston. They stayed at our house for a week longer than us so they were able to explore and experience things on their own too.
Sometimes it is just the little pleasures that make Merida so enjoyable. There is a small chain of ice pops called La Michoacana, the fruit ice pops flavors are delicious and numerous! My favorite is lemon, limey and tart.The kids liked that one too. The other adults loved the coconut which was rich and creamy.
Sebastian was the life of our Christmas party..playing cutthroat dominoes!

It was wonderful to share our home and Merida with family. I think that they really enjoyed it and will be back often. I'm so glad we built the casita!
Enjoying Starbucks with Tio Carlos!