Monday, February 27, 2017

Landscaping...we are almost done!

We thought we were done with the landscaping, but now the wet season has come and we can now see how lush our plants will become. We have fine tuned some of the areas and I decided that I need more things that will bloom and I am working on that. I do like some of my 'mini' areas where I have added some plants that I have been gifted....and in turn I have gifted plant cutting to others.
So take a look and see where I am in the landscaping the way I have a person that comes in 1/2 day each week who waters if needed, sprays and does other things like planting. Otherwise it's just CQ and I keeping it up.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Learning New Things 2

The second class I signed up to take was a series of 4 hand loom weaving class 1 a week each class being 4 hours long, I will never be a weaver. However I did learn how to do some basic weaving and I loved the colors of the yarns. Our Czech instructor, Marketa, was very good and so very patient! As our class was both expat and Mexican nationals she was able to switch from English to Spanish with no problems. With one more class I am sure I will not go on to the next series of classes...Of the two friends I went with, I think one will be going on as she was very, very good at it.
Here I am working the small hand loom

I had a back ache from leaning forward!
Even though the I will not go forward on the hand loom weaving, it did bring me to the course at the same place of basket weaving, which is now my third learning experience. This is so enjoyed. I was able to use some of the weaving techniques I was taught in the hand loom course, but this was different. It uses more movement and I had no back ache and it was fun. 
We were introduced to the materials by our Maya teacher Pablo, who although he did not speak any English managed to get his ideas across. His wife prepared the vines that he has harvested out in the Yucatan jungle, They were a very pliant fresh vine so they were easy to use.
Pablo, our Maya instructor

His wife prepares the vines
My first basket was a very simple basket I made and designed to hold a special pot I use called a caldero...I use it to make arroz con pollo, a traditional Puerto Rican chicken and rice dish.

My first basket

Holding the caldero

But Kiwi thinks that it's for him
The next week I returned to take another 4 hour class. This time I decided to use other materials as well as the vines. The new materials were henniquin which is like a sisal fiber rope. 

I had a great time working on my basket. It ended up to be large and I was really pleased with look of it.
My large basket made with the additions of sisal accents
I even had a bit of time to knock out a small basket!

After the 4 hours I went home happy with my baskets!

I can't wait for next week. So there is so much to do here in Merida... and I'm just starting to experience them!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Learning new things!

I decided that I need to take the time to find activities that give me some satisfaction in a creative way. Searching I came across someone who has a studio and teaches the creative art of glass fusion. Having taken a one day seminar many years ago in Maryland, I remember how great it was and signed up. I also talked 2 of my friends (both from Canada) to sign up with me.
On our first class glass was discussed in a general way and we all decided to make a small 6X6 inch plate. We had come prepared with what we thought we would like to make. I decided on the basic colors and pattern and winged the rest. It was a very relaxing three hours... Learning how  to score and cut the glass was challenging, The differences in the glass types and how to put it all together was demonstrated. Here are our first ones getting ready to be fired for the first time. Mine is the one with the black background.
After the fusing they were fired again...this time for the shape:

I thought they were all just beautiful. So we decided to take a second class in which we would make a larger plate. I spend much time on the Internet looking for ideas and deciding what I wanted to try for my design.
Above is my second project.This time I was going for something that looked a bit like the 1960's.
Than for our third class I decided to try a branch bowl. This took a lot more time in cutting the glass as well as designing my project.

For the final result I decided to have the design on the outside of the bowl as I will be using it for a fruit bowl.
I have found that creating in glass gives me a feeling of satisfaction as well as makes me feel as if I am an artist...or at least have a little bit of artist in me... For those in Merida who want to know more information the studio and classes go to Facet of Synergy, Glass Fusion Design on Face book.