Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Sunday Walk

Both Carlos and I like to walk. Whether a vigorous walk or a casual stroll we like them all. Today we decided to explore some parts of Merida I have never been to. We walked down our street Calle 45 and than hooked a left onto Calle 82. We stopped to admire Ochenta Y Dos, a bed and breakfast that is under construction (you can find them on Facebook) than continued our way down to Calle 59 which is one of the main bus street in Merida. From there we entered Centennial Park which is frequented by extended family groups all enjoying their Sunday.

Attached to the park is the small zoo. Although it is a little old fashioned with large fenced areas rather than the natural type we now see in the US, the animals as well as their environment seemed clean. 


Once we exited the zoo area on the other side of the park we could barely get through the crowd of families with their excited children!

From there it was back down Calle 59, across Santiago Park and to home. Just another beautiful day to take a walk in Merida!
Santiago Park


  1. Merida looks like such a pretty city. Thanks for sharing your walk

  2. I found your blog a couple of days ago and have enjoyed reading your adventures from the beginning to the present! Your home is beautiful, enjoy your retirement!

    1. Thanks, Merida is a really beautiful, safe and an easy city to love!