Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not much is happening right now...

I am packing suitcases for our month long trip in December. I have a suitcase sitting on the bedroom floor and as I think of things or buy things I throw them in the suitcase. Tonight I weighted it and this first one is about 45 lbs. I have packed a French press coffee pot, some bath and body works soaps, measuring cups, a couple of non-stick frying pans, towels, a couple of yummy smelling candles. Also some spices to cook Puerto Rican food, a rice washer bowl, and 4 individual surge protectors designed to use with appliances. Now it's time to bring out a second suitcase! Since we are traveling via Air Tran in business class we can check 4 bags and carry on two. I plan to take full advantage of that!
We have had a skype conference call with Roger to discuss some appliance details as well as a little about the pool and guest house in the back. (casa de huespedes) We have an estimate but are waiting for the design details. And I am working on some of the landscaping details, mainly deciding what kinds of plants I would like.
And here are a few updated photos of what has changed since I last blogged!

A few more windows have been installed including this one with frosted windows!

Kitchen cabinets and wine cooler ready to go.. though no counter tops yet!


  1. Wine cooler! My kinda place!

    It's looking really great. The windows are really beautiful, and I like the patterns on the floor. I'll have lots of questions for you when I see you again.

  2. Except for the rice washer bowl (it may be available too,but I don't know what that is,especially if bowel is not a typo) you can buy all that stuff here. The surge protectors and towels are probably cheaper and better NOB though.

    You can buy a french press at the Alacena Anfora C 64 esq 65(there are several other locations).
    If one of those spices is saffron, it's available here, but probably less expensive NOB too.

    I have friends who use a wine refrigerator to store their meds etc. I'm sure they store wine too, but it's handy for those things that are supposed to be kept at "room temperature".

    The house looks very nice.


    1. Thanks Theresa for catching my error! It's one that spell check wouldn't.... and I didn't. Our french press coffee pot is really special as I hand carried it back in the 80's from Europe when they weren't common in the states. The spices I am bringing are sason and adobo. I am also bringing some of the Thai and Indian small cans which have some of the curries like red or yellow or green.

  3. Spell check is not our friend, I posted abdominal when I meant abominable recent;y and of course, didn't catch the extra "D".
    I think I have seen sazon at Baraudi's and adobo is probably available here. You can get Thai curry pastes at Chedraui Norte and Pascadeli. I am not sure of the Indian curries.