Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The pace quickens..

Since I received the last photos a week or so ago, it seems like so much more has been accomplished. Arturo told us that the finishing construction seems to fly vs the slow pace of the building construction. Here are some things that have been accomplished:

The septic tank hole has been dug in front of the house. We discussed several places to locate it and decided here was best as it could be emptied easily.

Tiling continues on the lower level of the house, the promenade, the half bath and the downstairs bedroom are all done.
The wood workings are beginning to arrive as you can see by this replica door.

The upstairs terrace is done and the downstairs terrace has been started.
I'm not sure what or why this is on my roof... any ideas?

So this is the update for this week. It's moving right along!


  1. Nice photos! It must be gratifying to see so much progress. I think the crosses are typical of construction projects here. The project I'm familiar with has just one cross, but I've seen others with the three. The project I know of had a blessing by a priest when the cross was hung, and the whole site was sprinkled with holy water. It seems like the intention was to ask for protection for the workers and wish for the best for the project.

    1. it is for a celebration all albaniles have on may called the day of the cross.
      you see this crosses where there is a construction taking place. The albaniles make them and have a celebration on the site they are working on.

    2. Sorry i posted the coment above about the crosses but i didn't know how to select the profile, i should had given the explanation when i sent the pictures to Pat.