Saturday, November 17, 2012

Scheduling December in Merida!

We will be arriving in Merida on December 1 and will stay until January 4th... That's 35 days to fill with things to do. So I am trying.... Here's the schedule so far and if anyone has any other suggestions I am open to them!
We do not arrive in Merida until late on Saturday. On Sunday it's the last day of the AANY Craft show at CANACO, Avenida Itzaeres X 31. It's all handmade three-dimensional items and I do have a empty house that needs things! This will be our first activity.
The next activity scheduled is two performances at the symphony... Today I bought tickets on line for Dec 7th and the final performance on December 14th. It was easy to buy the tickets on their web site and they hold the tickets at the desk on the day of the performance. I do need to remember to pack something a little dressier than I would normally take!
I have the information that Barb (From the Snow to Mexico) sent me about her wonderful Sachi! CQ and I are looking forward to several massages!
We have several informal meetings planned, not sure when they will happen, but hope they do! Sarah and Helmut just moved from St Louis to Chelem and we hope they will come into Merida to see our house and drink some wine with us! Another couple David and Leo, just bought a home in Santiago and we are hoping to connect with them too... I would love to meet up with other blogger friends if anyone has time available! Cathy, I still have your coffee I brought you in August....
Where do people have their Christmas dinner? Is it at home or do some meet at the Hyatt or another place? We may like to join you!
I need MORE furniture!

I can cool down the wine..
I will need to do some shopping. I just can't imagine a whole 35 days with two plastic chairs and table and a mattress on the floor! However I do have a wine cooler and wine glasses....
As you can see I have so much time to fill... so we are open to any suggestions! And would love to meet up and make some new friends.


  1. Not sure what type furniture you have in mind, but if you like traditional, Merida Tradicional is my favorite. They have some really beautiful furniture, all made in San Miguel. If you stop by, be sure to tell Martin and Jonathan that John and Alan sent you! Their store is just a block up from the Remate on the right, a stone's throw from Hotel Casa San Angel, which has an exquisite gift shop with all sorts of handmade items from every state in Mexico. A must see! Also, a good place for Sunday Brunch.

    And one other place, an antique shop called "Bagdag", on 49th, just around the corner from Santa Ana Park. You can usually find something neat in there, and very reasonable. The owner's name is Israel.

    1. I will check these all out! Thanks for the info.... Will you be there in December?

    2. Unfortunately, no. We're not sure when we'll get back. The house is rented most of December and then Jan-Mar. Our plan is to be there permanently late July. Fingers crossed!

    3. We hope to be there full time in Feb 2014.....Let me know how the rental market is... we may be interested when ours is finally can pm me at pq@computermedics(.)com

  2. Hola Pat! You're going to have much to do over your 35 day visit home. I don't have much time before I head back for Christmas with my children. If we can make a connection that would be wonderful. You can send me a message:[dot]com

    1. I'm not so busy... want to stop by for a glass of wine? Carlos got a local telcel chip and the number is 9991746270!

  3. Have you had your massages yet? If you have, isn't she fabulous?