Monday, July 22, 2013

Casa de Huespedes

Original Plan
 Now, after much thought, we are back to building the casa de huespedes. As we do not have negative connotations about the title we are calling it the 'casita'. We were told by some that in the past, a 'casita' was the small house that was provided for a mistress by her provider, thus it's not used often here in the Yucatan.
But anyway, we have received some plans from Roger and they are good plans. However after much discussion, Carlos and I are thinking of making it our master suite and redesigning it as such. First we thought of just making it so we could convert it later. Than we discussed just going ahead and making it our 'dream' master suite. So after a week or more of discussion we have decided to go to Roger and friends for input and thought.We hope to skype with Roger this coming weekend and in the meantime I will continue to ask for thoughts from friends and family. So if you have any input, please comment!
Our reasoning:
There are no stairs to the casita..this may be important in the future
We can walk out in the morning and jump into the pool
It will be larger than our current designated master with another walk in closet
There is space for me to have small sitting area as well as own reasoning...remember Carlos has the huge study and music room upstairs
I can make the bathroom both spacious and add a bathtub as well as a washer hook up for the future
My primitive notes to Roger

Bathroom of my dreams!

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