Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another leap forward..

Today was our day for a conference call with Roger, our esteemed architect. It's time to choose the pasta tiles for the new project, as well as some of the colors to be used on the walls. Carlos and I also needed to discuss the pool as we wanted to fine tune some of his design to what we thought might work better for us. Before we skyped, Roger sent us some updated photos and it sure is looking good! I'm really happy that they have started the dig for the pool! He said that the workers had hit some rock, but thought that it would be OK. In the photos you can see the workers digging the pool by hand and besides a pick ax and shovel, I only see one semi-automatic tool, the jackhammer. In my head I imagined a small bulldozer doing the work. I should have known better!
You can see the peanut shape of the pool emerging

The facade has been taken higher

The arches are done

first coat of cement on the walls

As far as the pasta tile floors go, we told him that we would like the same design that is in the study to be used here in the new master bedroom and he could choose for the bathroom and the covered terrace. As far as the colors of the walls, he has carte blanche. After all that's his specialty!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you! You can see it is going to be a very lovely pool area. Cheers!

  2. You're going to feel very much home by our pool. We also love columns and high walls!