Monday, July 28, 2014

What is going into my container...

We have decided that we have enough stuff to fill a container. We have gotten a estimate from the shipping company and it's not outrageous. So while we have been staging our house for sale we also have been putting items and boxes in a 10X10 storage unit we are renting. (a container is 10X20) So besides all the boxes of books, kitchen pots and pans, good dishes and other items we think we need, we are taking a few pieces of furniture.
Our outdoor furniture:
We have two of these metal garden benches

We have this smaller table and chairs as well as a larger one

In the land of terraces this seating arrangement will come in handy

The few pieces of house furniture we are taking are some metal and glass end tables, our metal framed sleigh bed, a few lanps, two wicker chairs with matching table and I am still deciding on what tools! A very important item is a good vacuum cleaner to suck up all that concrete dust! (not to mention pet hair!)

yes, cats are going to Merida too!

Wonderful teak shower benches

A great vacuum clean.

So here you have it, I still haven't sold the's still full of furniture and other things we have to go through, so that's how we are spending our time....just trying to get through all of this and keep my sanity. My advise to all who are planning this same type of move, start de-cluttering NOW! I started over a year or more ago......and I'm still working on it.


  1. We were just having that conversation this morning. My shoes, books, some socks, a pot holder ... ok, maybe that's not much, but it's a start.

  2. I think the declutter gets easier once you are closer to a sale - you get less sentimental about stuff. Keep your chin up - you are so close to living in Merida full-time - you can almost touch it!

  3. We're doing the same, Pat. Today we again go to Mexican Consulate in Toronto (closest to Buffalo) to work on our visas and shipment of goods.

    We have to get a container, too. My plan is to ship thru Panama City FL, as it then travels by ship directly to Progresso. (Avoid going thru Veracruz or other ports!) Mary's worried I won't declutter but will ship too much tickytacky. Fortunately, when we sold the farm, we were able to lease back the house and barns, enabling us to make a more orderly exit. Good luck!

    1. I didn't know that you were going to go full time to Merida...I thought you were always going to be snowbirds! When do you plan to be there full time? I still have to do the consulate thing, but I have all my documents apostlitized as well as my bank and financial records ready! .We are not sure yet what consulate we are going to apply through.

    2. We've been granted Residente Permanente visas. But it took two trips, even though we thought we were prepared. And I'll have to go back one more time, for stamping our container documentation of contents. Whew! Already spent $1000 on this for travel and stays.
      I'll tell the story at my blog once we've gotten the final visas, which won't actually become official until we check in with INM during the first month after arriving. ~eric.

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