Friday, April 6, 2018

It's Heating Up!

It's snowing back in the states, but melting here!

I was sitting around sweating today, waiting for the pool to be cleaned (and a friend to arrive). I started thinking about all the ways I learned to 'beat the heat' here since I have moved full time to Merida. Some things I have had from the beginning of my journey, others I have added as I have found other peoples ideas that work! Many of the ideas in our home were implemented by our architect, Roger. 
Our house was built with many ideas that really help with the heat...the front two rooms are original to the house and they have 18 inch thick stone walls and high ceiling. Also they have either high windows or heat escape pipes near the ceilings.

Ceiling fans and bedroom air conditioner units help during the evenings. The public portions of the house are not air conditioned. Thick insulated drapes keep the bedrooms cool during the day as well as keep the hot sun out.

Windows on the east side of the house as well as the north lets the cool morning and evening breezes in.

This winter I added sun shades to the lower terrace because in the afternoon the sun heated up the area almost making it impossible to sit there. During the summer the sun is higher in the sky so it does not heat up the terrace as much. With the new shades and the ceiling fan going it's really a lovely place to spend the afternoon. The shades are adjustable all the way to the floor. The solar panels on the top of the upper terrace helps keep that area cooler also. This was the first time our solar provider has a client request the panels to also be used as a sun shade! Works great!

On the hottest of days we only use our gas grill as to not heat up the kitchen.

Of course what would a tropical oasis be without the pool? We use ours daily except for the cold days of December and January...though our northern visitors find it pleasant!

And finally we have our indoor fountain which cools you down with the sound of vents out of a skylight so no humidity inside!

I'm sure I will find more and different ways to stay out of the heat! When in doubt there is always a trip north....that will make me shiver and crave the warmth that is Merida!
OR we can do as Carlos likes to.....hug a bag of cubes while drinking an ice cold brew! .


  1. Great ideas on keeping cool.

  2. Love your detailed and practical information for staying cool. (Some days I'll change a shirt several times for freshness!)

  3. Thanks for the comments...I always wonder if anyone is reading!