Thursday, June 9, 2011

CQ is Puerto Rican

Puerto Rico
CQ is Puerto Rican. He was born there and spent a few years growing up there, NY, Chicago and than back to Puerto Rico. He is so lucky that his parents insisted that he and his sister speak only Spanish at home. English was only spoken at school and with his non-Spanish speaking friends. Thus his Spanish both spoken and written is excellent. However he does have a non-Spanish speaking! It's not that I haven't tried. My skill at languages is abysmal. After 4 years of high school french I could hardly conjugate a verb and I really struggled!
Puerto Rican Plate
  However I do cook Puerto Rican! Arroz con pollo, arroz con gandules, mofongo, and many other comida criolla specialties. Many of our latino friends and family say that some of my dishes are better than many Puerto Rican cooks! In December I experienced makeshift Puerto Rican cooking when we stayed at our house in Merida. I brought with me some Sazon, a seasoning. I was able to buy in Merida some of the other spices/flavorings like Achiote, (which luckily is used throughout the Yucatan), garlic, onion, cilantro, sour orange and to also find some pink beans (rosada) which worked for our rice and beans. As we were just one step above camping I did not have my food processor with me so I was not able to make 'sofrito' which is what gives Puerto Rican cooking the extra aroma and savory taste! The avocados and plantains were plentiful as well as flavorful. Almost all the familiar fruits are available, papaya, mango, mamay, banana, soursop and more!
I know I can continue to cook familiar foods .... so maybe my Puerto Rican can survive in the Yucatan. And not to forget, today is our 36th wedding anniversary! Here's to 36 more years!
CQ (appreciates fine Puerto Rican Cuisine)


  1. I've noticed how easy Puerto Rican cookery would be in Merida, too (even thought I haven't seen anything with a Goya label). Where we live, Spanish cooking means Puerto Rican dishes, and I've been trying to learn it with the help of some friends and extended family.

  2. Barb,Thanks! Carlos is in Salt Lake City on business for two weeks and when he returns we will celebrate.

  3. Happy Anniversary from me as well!

    I just got a chance to read through your blog and I love it. What exciting times! I remember how things changed so quickly in the beginning, it was fascinating to watch so much concrete disappear and more appear.

    Your house will be lovely, I like the plans and the space is beautiful. I think you two will be a wonderful addition to Merida, bienvenidos.