Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My dad (Daniel) was a great dad to the 6 kids in our family. He taught us to work hard and to show moderation in all things. He served his country and was a proud man. He worked hard on the Boston and Maine railroad for more than 35 years, following in the footsteps of his own father.
Daniel, my dad
Carlos' father, (also Carlos, called Charlie) was a good man too. His sense of humor will always be remembered. He was a stocky man who could dance salsa like an expert!  He also served his country and was steadfast in his love for his son and daughter. One of the first HIV counselors in the Chicago area he was known for his compassion and knowledge.
CQ was a great dad to our son named Carlos Daniel (but nicknamed 'Cheech') (and to more than 14 exchange students throughout our life) I started our son ice skating a 2 years old and ice hockey at three. Carlos being mostly raised in Puerto Rico was not very acquainted with ice or skates. He took lessons, learned to skate and began playing in an adult league so that he could experience hockey and help to coach our son. Later he took snowboarding lessons to keep up with a teenage Cheech.  CQ and Cheech took many a road trip together, the last one being when Cheech had reached the legal age and the drove from STL to Seattle for a beer fest than onto San Francisco. CQ's example of being a great dad has been passed down to our son.
CQ and Cheech
Cheech is now a dad. He has been blessed with a wonderful girlfriend and a daughter. He is shaping up to be a great dad. The love he has for baby Maia Danielle is evident whenever you see them together.
Cheech and Maia

Happy Father's Day to all!


  1. Great family photos. We've been so busy, just now getting around to exploring your blog. I'm enjoying your posts and look forward to your construction progress. Since we bought our home completely renovated, we did not get to experience all that but the previous owners gave us their renovation album and we have enjoyed posting many of them.

  2. I'm so wanting to get new photos! I wish google earth was real time!
    We also have enjoyed reading your blog. And I liked seeing some of the before and during photos you posted.
    I would have bought a renovated house if I could have found one with a large lot like we have. I'm excited to garden and plant some fruit trees. Plus we have the plans for a casita in the back for the future.