Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update on Construction!

I finally received some new photos of the house but they were in a power point presentation, which I do not have the software. So I uploaded to goggle and here is a link that I hope will work!

I find as technology changes it now takes me longer to get with the program. I guess that comes with being retired and out of the workplace!

So here is the second link where you can finally see all the walls and rooms on the first floor. It is still difficult for me to imagine the size of the rooms! I am hoping that they will be airy and light filled!



  1. Looks like you're "With the program." The photos look great. Any pasteles left?

  2. Looks great! You may want a few of the rooms to be a bit dim with less light (heat) streaming in, don't worry if they all don't have lots of openings. We've found that the interior rooms are the coolest in the summer.

  3. How exciting! Looks like they’ve already made quite a bit of progress. Thanks so much for sharing these great updates.

  4. Looking good! I hope they finish the kitchen first....

  5. I'm so pleased to find your blog and looking forward to reading every post when I'm not procrastinating at work. For your book list, one I really enjoyed, which combined history and more contemporary perspectives, was Time Among the Maya by Ronald Wright.