Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How About a Courtyard Fountain?

One of the features of our home will be the center courtyard with a water feature. The sound of water is relaxing and adds to the tranquil feel of a courtyard. It helps to cancel out the noises of a city and enables the residents to focus and concentrate on whatever is at hand. I have spent some time researching fountains on the internet and the share number of styles is mind boggling. I have been saving images of fountains that I feel may give us the look we are going for. My first choice seems to me to be the most obvious.. I like the traditional cascading look of a tiered fountain.
I really like the look of these types of fountains when there is plants and foliage around them like this:

And then I found some of the fountains that are mounted along the wall which also cascade and I'm sure that water would 'tinkle'. I like this look too. It may be prettier than the traditional cascading fountains. 

It so hard to choose! I'm sure I will change my mind several time in the coming months. I do have to remember that CQ has a choice in all of this too and maybe our architects, Roger and David already have some ideas of their own. Does anyone else have a fountain? And what kind do you have? 


  1. I don't have a fountain so can't offer any real advice/suggestions. But I wanted to say I'm a fan of tiered fountains, too, and I quite like the last one. If your yard isn't overly large, a wall fountain looks like it doesn't take up as much space. And the last one still gives you the look and feel of a tiered one.

  2. We Have a wall fountain at our house and a tiered one at our school. Both create plenty of "tinkling" In fact the wall one is quite noisy because the water falls a fair distance (that's the rule... the further the fall, the greater the volume...) But in our case, this is a good thing as it drowns out the street noise. I highly recommend fountains and water accents wherever you can fit them in.