Monday, August 22, 2011

It's starting to look like I imagined!

Late last night I received updated photos from Arturo.(Thank you, Arturo!) I had already gone to sleep. Deep, deep in lala land sleep. Carlos, who is on pacific time in California for two weeks, called me. He knows me well... as he should after 35+ years of marriage! I got up and spent almost an hour looking at the photos, over and over. Yes, the construction is starting to match what my imagination saw.

 All the arches on the lower level are finished and you now can see how beautiful the walkway and terraces will be.

Now the upper level, which we call our 'private' space is starting to develop. It will contain CQ's study, laundry room, terrace, master room with bath and walk in closet. There will be arches and a second story walkway which will mimic the first floor. The overhand should help keep the room cool and it sure does look fetching!

It getting to be so beautiful... My imagination is starting to think about choosing tiles and fixtures... CQ is thinking that picking out finishes and fixtures October in Merida may indeed be a possibility!


  1. This is beginning to look really impressive. I like it a lot. I was thinking a wall fountain at first, but it appears that you have plenty of room for a circular, tiered fountain. I know you are really getting excited.

  2. Wow! It's looking great! Love all those arches.

  3. Looking good. I'm sure you're excited!