Saturday, June 23, 2012

I spoke too soon...

Just after I posted the recipe I received some new photos from Arturo. The rainy season has arrived and work has slowed down a little. Many of the parts and pieces, like the iron work and the windows are made, but they haven't been installed yet. They have been putting the final coating on the walls before the paint goes on... I'm excited about this because I do not remember the colors that were chosen. We are arriving August 20th and we need to get a few furnishings because when we come down for the month of December we will be having Carlos' sister and husband and their two kids, as well as our friend from Denmark. It's crazy thinking that we are finally at the point where I can go shopping!

They have been working on the front wall and gates

Master bath shower is coming along!

2nd bath as well as powder room is being finished


  1. Everything is looking soooo good! I know you will be thrilled to see it all!!

  2. I'll make a special effort to walk by next week. You're only about seven blocks away from us. Want pix?

    1. I would love some pics! And feel free to go inside and tell them you have our permission to look around. You can mention Arturo's name if they don't recognize CQ's! I would love another set of eyes taking alook. Have a great trip.. we will be down in late August and I am really looking forward to that. (I'm already packing) Another thing I wanted to tell you was that Aero Mexico has a direct flight from Miami to Merida... My sister etc have booked it for their trip in December.