Saturday, July 28, 2012

The sun is shining in the Yucatan!

I was really surprised when Arturo called me via Skype this afternoon. He has been so busy with a wonderful new venture called " Real Life in Merida" Check it out, he has some great videos as well as photography all about his hometown of Merida!
Shortly after our conversation he sent me some new photos. Wow, I have the color of sunshine permeating my walls! Color really makes a big difference. I will be excited to see the other colors as they go up, especially the contrasting colors. I can't wait to see light and shadow play with the colors... in the meantime here is what it is looking like!
Upstairs terrace

Upstairs promenade

Bodega (storage room)

1/2 Bath

Downstairs promenade


  1. First, I am in love with Arturo's site!! I feel like I am in Merida when I look at it!! Secondly, I am in love with everything I see about your beautiful home!! I do hope we get a chance to meet, and see it in person. You must be so excited!! Gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks... hope our visits coincide... maybe next year!

  2. There really is just something so right about yellows down here isn't there?
    It looks really lovely!