Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Building Commences....again

Carlos and I thought long and hard about building the casita...on one hand we thought two bedrooms were really not a large enough home and on the other hand we knew we had some under utilized space were we could make due with some hammocks. One of the deciding factors was the my brother-in-law accepted a position at Harvard Med School. Why was this a decision? Well it's in Boston and they currently are in Fort Lauderdale....my sister-in-law hates the cold and she was suddenly saying the Merida in the winter was sounding wonderful. As she home schools her two elementary age kids, this is entirely feasible that she and the kids would spend winters in Mexico! At our house, of course..

Maia, Sebastian and Ana. The two older are the kids who are home schooled.
So now we are starting the building of our casita which has changed into a master retreat (don't know yet what to call it) and have received the first photos of the construction.
The back of the property has been a blank slate!

The neighbor gave us permission to break through the wall to bring in materials and heavy equipment!
looks like a building site!

materials are in and the building has commenced

And the east wall is going higher!
So our architect and his chief engineer say that the majority of the work will be done by December..keep your fingers crossed...the kids are coming and really want the pool to be done!

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  1. Our casita, or whatever you want to call it, will be done in December, too. Mind you, we started building last December...