Sunday, August 11, 2013

Creating a Courtyard..

My house has a courtyard that is a total blank slate...really! Right now it is a dirt rectangle that just does not have any redeeming trees, no plants, nothing! I have spent some time researching courtyards and plants on the Internet and playing with some ideas. Here is what I have come up with.
First the courtyards that I like:

Carlos does not like the look of green between the pavers

He does like the design!

And the type of fountain I like:

And the somewhat basic design I came up with:
The choices of plants will come down to low maintenance, natural mosquito repelling (citronella grass, lemon grass as well as rosemary!) and beauty. Some of the plants:

Bougainvillea of another color


purple wandering jew

areca palm


lemon grass
With a beautiful bench added around the fountain for relaxing, (love all three looks!)

I could add some pots of colorful flowers or aromatic herbs to the courtyard. 
And either pavers, stones or stamped concrete for the base...I have to discus that choice with Roger! I am really excited about some of the final decisions here in my courtyard! So whats in your courtyard?


  1. I didn't realize citronella was like a grass - how exciting to design this bit. I love the type of fountain you are looking at. Wish I had a courtyard but we do have a small patio!

  2. We have adocreto pavers set in sand in our backyard.In a couple of places under the pavers we dug drysink and filled them with gravel to encourage drainage.


  3. Fabuloso!!! A blank slate, surrounded by an incredible home....Just one question...How do you have patience to stay home, and not be there!!!! :)