Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting down to the wire....

15 days until we leave for Merida! Wow, I'm getting nervous now! I've packed 4 large suitcases and I only have our clothes left to pack...as well as chocolate to bring to Arturo and family! I am hoping that I have all the right things. I've taken notes throughout the year as people have mentioned new stores that carry gluten free items as well as doctors who make house calls...yes this is possible and noted the name of a dermatologist with a good reputation! I will be making our appointments with our dentist so that we can get our teeth cleaned and a general checkup.
When we get to Merida we hope all the major construction work is done and we can move our master bedroom from upstairs to the newly built casita.. Since we are having visitors we will need to buy two twin beds for the kids to sleep in. Maybe a couple of hammocks too so we can see if they would like to try that! I would like to visit some of the second hand stores to see if we can find a table and chairs to use for now..maybe something in iron that can be used outside. A bedside table or two or three might be useful too.
In the meantime construction is ongoing in spite of all the rain Merida is receiving and Arturo has sent some new photos!
Pool work continues

Ready for paint

This walk in closet has a window

Stone was too expensive so we will have a concrete bathtub!

Our wall is now higher than the security light next door

A view of the main house from the casita

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  1. You must be just about to bust out of your skin with excitement!