Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm excited to share Merida!

Carlos with his sister Karen and husband Santiago
During our trip to Merida in December, we will have our first house guests...I'm so excited to share what I love best about Merida! Carlos brought two of our Danish friends two years ago, but they were unable to stay in the house as it was in the first stages of construction. So these guests will be our first 'official' visitors!
And their two kids Sebastian and Ana..the middle is my granddaughter Maia who won't be there...
I thought long and hard about what to show them and I think I'd really like for them to first get a feel of Merida...go to the markets, to Santiago and to Santa Ana...walk, smell, feel, wander! Hang out at our beautiful home...swim in our new pool, relax and get to know the neighborhood. Than we can plan some trips to the cenotes, Uxmal, Mayapan, Progresso etc. The possibilities are endless! What do you suggest we share?


  1. I have never been anyplace in Mexico except the border towns to the US so I don't really know. If I was visiting, I would like to visit the Mayan Museum. Or take a quick drive to the coast. Best of luck!

    1. The Mayan museum just opened last year. I haven't been yet but heard that it was spectacular! I love to go to the gulf coast...whole red snappers for lunch...yumm!

  2. I think Uxmal is pretty impressive but it's fun to go to Dzibilchaltun to swim in the cenote, just remember that the museum is closed on Mondays and plan accordingly.

    1. Good idea and it's so close we can get there
      early. I also have to remember not to plan the trip on cruise ship days!