Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anylu comes through!

When we were in Merida in December, Roger our esteemed architect, scheduled us several consults with different vendors for some ideas Carlos, he and I had. One of these was Anylu who is responsible for all our kitchen cabinets and other woodworking like doors and window of our house. Carlos and I had decided that we would like a few minor changes done to the kitchen as well as some additional cabinetry done in other rooms of the house. So Anylu came over for most of an afternoon and we discussed what we were thinking of. She came back with designs and some prices and we were on board with all of her designs and thought her prices, while not cheap, were online to what we were thinking of spending. Today I received photos of the install and I think they are fabulous!
In the kitchen we had the wine cooler and small rack moved to make room for three drawers, to correct that there were no drawers in the kitchen...were was I going to put the junk got to have one of those! The wine cooler and a larger wine rack was moved into the entry way of my large walk in pantry. Later we will add a iron gate door to give the illusion of a wine cellar. We also had two upper cabinets and the microwave shelf encased in wood.

Before photo with wine cooler and small rack

the new cabinet

The inside showing the drawer within a drawer

Upper cabinets with the microwave shelf

The wine rack will hold 98 bottles


The second part of the project was Carlos' personal space, the upper floor study. It was designed to be a large multi-purpose room and at 15 feet by 25 feet, it  is just that. Here Anylu designed a beautiful wall of bookcases as well as a floating credenza and an alcove cabinet.
Carlos desk will go over the pasta rug

Several glass doors will protect artwork

floating credenza

the alcove cabinet

Part two will continue soon and I show the rest of Anylu's great designs and contributions to making Casa del Gato Azul the house of our dreams!
(all photos by Anylu)


  1. So neat to see all the finishing touches going in. Really beautiful!

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  3. So enjoyed reading the chronicle of the building of your Merida home, and all the photos were wonderful. The house is beautiful, and I am excited for you! Wondering if you could share the quote you received for shipping container. Trying to ball park budget for potential move.

    1. St Louis to Panama City, FL overland, than by sean to Progresso, than overland to Merida, with duty, port charges, insurance will be less than 5,000 US using a 20ft container...we pack and load and I think unload in Merida.

  4. Thanks for your response. Sorry to repeat a question asked previously. Spent time reading your blog from first entry to last, but failed to read the comments...or would have seen earlier answer. Hang in there, seems like your coming to the finish line on a race that we're just beginning. Will be curious to know how long the visa process took when all is finalized.

    1. You are's a race and pretty stressful! When r you planning your move, from where to where? (if I may ask) Spent the week painting, talking to handyman and interviewed our first real estate agent...Not my favorite things...TG we have Merida beckoning!