Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Love (Hotels) Across Mexico

Love Hotels also called Auto Hotels are an interesting resource in Mexico, Immaculately clean, with some rather interesting decor, the hotels were an interesting solution to our travelling with pets.

 Here is how they work. You drive through the gates of the hotel, and clerk comes out to your car. You tell her how long you want the room. The minimum is 4 hours.. She gives you the room number and you drive and park in that garage, check out the room and meet her again outside the room. If the room is satisfactory, you pay the amount, close the garage door and you're in. No names, no keys...very discreet and also a great way to sneak in 4 cats waiting in cages in the car.

And no need to unload the car full of boxes and suitcases. The only drawback is that the place can be rocking...if you know what I mean! We usually booked at the 24 hour rate which would be about 40.00 US... and they always threw in some free condoms...


  1. I have heard of the love hotels many times but have never used one since we have no auto in Mexico. Glad to know you are back in Mexico. I know you both are anxiously awaiting your new adventure. Wish you the best! As far us, we are presently in El Campo, Tx waiting to head south after the first of the year.

  2. Stocking stuffers lol - or party favors. I have heard of them but never seen any in my many travels to Mexico as I have never driven there. Safe travels!

  3. Glad to see you are making time for fun and cultural experiences on your trip down. Looking forward to seeing you soon...