Saturday, November 8, 2014

We are in Countdown Mode..

We decided it was a beautiful day and we love the St Louis Zoo in the fall. The animals are active and it is truly one of the most beautiful zoos in the US. So we loaded up the kids and got an early morning start to beat the crowds.

Halloween is now behind us. All the kids did their trick or treat from our house and a great time was had by all. Treat bags were filled to the brim and they didn't seem to mind the cold and windy weather. Its time now to get serious about leaving before the snow start to fall.

I've been working on the Menaje de casa for the last month or so. Carlos and I went to the storage bin and went through all the boxes and numbered them. The few pieces of furniture we are taking are also numbered. The spreadsheet is done and translated. Now I am just going through the house and gathering a few more things and adding them to the list.When Carlos comes back after our visas are finalized he will handle getting the list approved and everything transported. I understand now why people just bring the bare minimum. 

We are almost ready to get on the road. Yes, loading the cats into the car, filling the tank and telling the Garmin where we need to go. Yes, 5 days with 4 cats. Who hate cages and who hate riding in cars, mainly because that usually means going to the VETS! That is where we took them 2 days ago. Shots, international health certificates, a few pills to take off the edge of fear and almost $700.00 US later one more task was off the list.

We received our visas in Miami at the end of our cruise...Our Mexican car insurance is purchased and our sticker has been applied for....we are deciding what else can fit in the van with us and the cats and we hope to be on the road Thursday of this week and cross the border on Saturday morning. Keep your fingers crossed, say some prayers for us and send us any advice you may have....Thanks and see you all in Merida!


  1. Safe travels! I can't wait to see your new life begin. Cheers!

  2. This must be quite a feeling. How wonderful to finally come to this point in your transition!