Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Harnessing the Sun's Power -Part I

About a month ago we contracted to install a solar power system that will help us control our costs of electricity here in Mexico.
 Electricity is expensive. The Mexican government gives a subsidy to minimal users but once your household use goes into the 'uses a whole bunch' range, it mores than doubles in price and it is very difficult to get our of that range! Add a couple of air conditioners, a pool pump, a water pressure system, cistern pumps, a couple of computers, TVs etc and you would soon be up in the maximum price range. So we decided to go solar!
The first company we talked to, never called us. The second company came out almost immediately and talked to us. This is who we contracted with. The price was reasonable, technology has advanced and we were happy to be able to place the panels above our second story terrace as a sort of roof. This would make our terrace much more usable and I wouldn't have to do the 'OMG it raining and dash to put cushions away'.

Just two weeks after the contract was signed our 12 panels arrived from Mexico City. We set them in our living room to await the special iron mounts that were being constructed. The mounts also arrived soon after and the install proceeded.

The view from the upper terrace !
So now we have the panels installed, the system connected to our electrical panel and soon our electric company will come and install our special meter that will measure both used and produced so that we can monitor everything. CFE, our electric company gives us a credit for what we produce and applies that against what we use. Our credits are on a monthly rolling cycle and credits expire after 12 months. 
Our system is comprised of 12 solar panels , using micro inverters that handle two panels each. In using this system we can add extra panels by two if we have further need to harness more sun....We will also have an on-line monitoring system to check that everything is working as it should.
Now if only CFE would show up!


  1. Hi Carlos & Pat,
    My name is Natalie Sullivan and I'm casting an international travel show about expats moving abroad. We'd love to film in Mexico and wanted to know if you could help us find expats who have moved there within the last 15 months or have been there for 3-4 years, but recently moved into a new home. The show documents their move to a new country and will place the country in fabulous light. The expats on the show would also receive monetary compensation if they are filmed. They must also speak English fluently and can be buyers or renters for their homes. If you'd like more information, please give me a call at 212-231-7717 or skype me at natalieesullivan. You can also email me at nataliesullivan@leopardusa.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. I did respond via e-mail. Did you receive two e-mails from me? Thanks. Pat

  2. Hi Pat & Carlos,
    This post caught my eye, and I spent a fair portion of the day reading all the other posts! I've just bought a house in Merida (YAY!) and solar panels are on my agenda, I'd love to pick your brain (I always tell people they'll go away hungry if they try to pick mine) on the panels, and also on your arquitecto. Gracias, Brenda

    1. Sure, pick away...actually I need to post more stuff but have been so lazy! When will you be in Merida... or are you currently here? We can meet up for drinks or coffee, you can come for a tour... I actually meet some very good friends this same way.... I only wish they had picked Merida Centro but instead they fell in love with the beaches......

  3. Hola Pat,
    I realize that my response didn't get through earlier - I'm in Merida now and would love to connect, I can pass along my number/email.

    1. Hi Brenda...how long are you here for? We have our first ever guests arriving today and staying through Feb 16th...are you available after that time? Wecan do wine and cheese at my place so you can see the installation. e-mail is pq@computermedics.com