Sunday, July 26, 2015

Recreation In the Yucatan: Tunich International Craft Fair

Today, late morning Carlos and I decided to brave the heat and head out to Dzitya to attend the Craft Fair. It is crafts from several of the Mexican States and what makes it international is the country of Columbia send some crafters. Add a huge stage with programs for children as well as adults, lots of local food booths and a few kiddie rides and you have a fair Mexican Style!

We arrived in the small town of Dzitya, which is just a few mile outside of Merida, at about noon. No traffic to fight at all, and there were plenty of flagmen letting us know where we could park. At just 15 MXP (less than 1.00 US) the flagman waved us into a spot in the shade.
Dzitya is known for the artisans who work both in stone as well as wood. They design and make beautiful fountains, sinks, statues out of ticul and crema maya (types of stone) , as well a wooden bowls and religious artifacts.

We didn't buy much except for some cold drinks, but we did make an important contact with a representative from Santa Clara del Cobre village in central Mexican state of  Michoacan where copper sinks are made...We will be replacing our sink in one bathroom with a copper trough sink, so now we can send her measurements and receive back some designs and prices! Here Carlos talking with the rep...

And the one international booth!

Most of the entertainment is in the evening hours as the fair is open until late in the evenings. We may go back later in the week and listen to some of the music. Today it wasn't crowded and it was nice to wander around with a cold drink in hand and look at some of the beautiful craft items.For me it was a day well spent!

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  1. Those copper sinks are amazing, I can see why you want one.