Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We moved down to Merida full time in November of 2014. Soon after arriving we filled the pool and thought that we would have lots of fun time cooling off. It was not to be. For an unknown reason the pool water kept decreasing. There was some kind of leak! As we are not pool savvy we called some people we had worked with previously to come take a look and the saga continued..... 7 months later we gave up on this group and proceeded to find our own expert.

Even the cats missed the pool! To make a long story (shorter than the 9 months!) we now have an equipment room below ground...

The leak was found and repaired....

The pool was filled.....

And Carlos has been enjoying both day and night swimming....

I have been in St Louis for the last several weeks and I will be enjoying the pool when I return. Now I wonder which cat will be the first to fall in this time!


  1. Wow, too bad it took so long to figure out but glad you got it sorted. Cats/kids - just alike when it comes to falling in the pool :)

    1. I'm sure if I had a cute puppy like yours he'd be in the pool swimming!