Monday, November 30, 2015

Time has gotten away from me!

My gosh the time has passed so quickly. Just this morning I put on the Christmas tree. It's a first here for me in Merida, MX. I've been here for the last three years at Christmas, but it's only this year that my 'stuff' arrived and I have my decorations collected through the years. What I didn't realize was how insignificant a 6 foot tree looks in a room 15 foot by 25 foot with 18 foot ceilings....and somewhere along the way my angel for the top of the tree has gone missing!

Back in August I went to St Louis for several weeks. The grands were having their birthdays and I really wanted to be there. It was a great time. I not only got to spend lots of time with them, but I also filled three suitcases of things  I needed here in Merida. I reconnected with friends from many times of my life, work as well as church friends. It was great!
I brought pinatas for the grands parties!

Coming back to Merida was not too bad, for the first time I traveled from Cancun via the bus by myself! The most difficult part was schlepping all the extra bags I brought!
Once I was back I had the beautiful repaired pool to swim in, lots of ideas of new foods to cook and plans to do some decorating our home. 

Lots of stir fries as I brought back gluten free sauces!

Working on perfecting the Cauliflower Pizza!
We are settling in. We've made more friends, Now have been here full time for one year and are still pretty happy with our decision. 
Hopefully I will start blogging again on a more regular basis..our calendar is filling up with parties and fund raisers for the holidays so I should have a lot to report on.
Carlos' birthday fish dinner!

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