Sunday, May 22, 2011

The House Attached

When we purchased our property, the colonial house next door (and attached) had also been purchased, but was not rehabbed. All we knew was that it was a local attorney and at this time it wasn't known if he was going to put his law office there or a home. We also knew that he bought the empty lot adjacent to his property. And the house had not been lived in for awhile.
The house - previous
When we arrived in December, the first thing I noticed was that at least the facade had been updated and sneaking a peek over the wall in the back it looked like the interior was still being worked on. 

The house in December
Rumor has it that he will not being making it his law offices or his own home, but he is doing the rehab for investment reasons. This could possible mean for resale or rental, but whatever it's a beautiful improvement!

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