Friday, May 27, 2011

Santiago Park

I love Santiago Park. However I don't love pigeons or their poop all over everything. Whenever we sit in the park or at one of the small restaurants in the back I think how nice it would be if there were a power wash brigade that would wash down all the squares in Merida each night! I jokingly tell Carlos that would be my 'career' when we arrive in Merida full time! I can see it now... you could sit on a bench without going home with stains on your pants..... I would not grimace whenever I see toddlers crawling on the ground.....I'm sure it would be a whole lot healthier for everyone. Than of course I think that maybe I am just being an ugly gringa and to get with the program. I do find myself pricing power washers whenever I go into Home Depot.
CQ in Santiago Park

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh while reading this post! Maybe you and my husband can go into pressure washing business together (jk)! He's made the same remarks to me, and he's already devising a plan to bring his disassembled pressure washer down in our luggage. He want to PW our patio every time we visit! Did you notice how much they cost in Merida? Almost double what we'd pay in the US!