Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our December Stay in Merida

When we arrived to the Merida house in December we spent the first week at Las Arecas, a small guest house located at # 541 Calle 59. We have stayed there each time we come to Merida and find it really suits our needs as it's small, friendly, unpretentious and reasonable. It is located only two blocks from Santiago Park and about 9 blocks from our house.
We needed the week to get our casa ready for us as it was totally empty and we needed at least the basic things to stay there. A, our realtor, property manager and friend was a big help in getting the items we needed as well as using his truck for transporting the large items. (fridge and mattress)

Mattresses at Walmart's (about 125.00 US)
His sister lent us a gas stove which he hooked up for us with an extra tank he had. The rest of the items we were able to transport from Walmart's via taxi... two chairs, table, pots and pans, etc. I had brought some things from STL like cutlery, towels, sheets, blankets... yes you will really use light blankets in an unheated cement house in December!59 
Roughing It
We were ready to rock and roll.. or so I thought until I woke up the first morning and went to take a shower! Never noticed that the hot water heater was no longer there... don't remember seeing it since the first time we viewed the house, not really sure how long it'd been gone! So we bought a large bucket and the daily shower became something of a Japanese style bath with hot water heated on the stove... And if we could wait until about 3 in the afternoon, the water wasn't too cold and we could take somewhat of a quick shower!

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