Friday, August 10, 2012

Arriving in 10 Days!

Cancun JW Marriott
We arrive in Merida in exactly 10 days... that's just 10 days to finish painting, install windows, doors and screens, toilet and showers, and the kitchen hasn't even been started! Really it's only 7 work days if you count the 1/2 days of Saturday and the Monday we arrive. I think it would take a miracle for the house to be done enough for us to stay there... even at the most basic needs level. ( I just need one bedroom and bathroom finished)  I am really disappointed. Carlos has a more practical sense of "I'd rather it be done right than hurry them and get less than stellar work". Now I am having to figure out where to stay and if we should stay in Merida the entire time. I'm thinking now of just 5 days in Merida (at Las Arecas) and the other 5 in Cancun, finally using some of those thousands and thousands of Marriott points we have. 
Here are some new photos from Arturo.


  1. there is no reason they can't have a bedroom and bathroom finished, push for that. and use your Marriott points here, in Merida!

    1. There are no Marriott properties in Merida and the only other points we have is for Hilton properties and the new Double Tree is not open yet. I used all of our Hyatt points my trip last October...