Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is it too orange?

So as you can see the facade of our house has received it's first coat of paint. The photo just below it is the house that is attached to ours. More than likely it was just one house sometime ago, but now it is two. Now the pink house has faded a little in the past two years since it received it's new facade, but at any time the owner could decide it give it another coat of paint. Will I have to describe my house as the really bright orange house next to the hot pink house? I'm glad they do not celebrate Halloween in Merida! Carlos sees the color as terra cotta, but to me it should have a darker undertone of brown to be terra cotta! Oh well, maybe in person on Monday I will see it in a different light, the light of a sunny day in Merida. Until that time I reserve judgement!


  1. It does look a bit orange right now - Not to worry, within just a few months the color will morph

  2. I love all bright colors! Here at the beach, we have a raspberry house next to us, then a bright pink. We just painted med gray with a turquoise green trim...It all works well....we think! Have a great trip;it must be so exciting to see it all in person!!

  3. I like it! It does looks orange in the photos, but photos can be deceiving. Also it may look one color during morning and another mid-day. You need strong colors to stand up to the strong sunlight here.

    What is really interesting to me is what color will it be in a few (very few) years? Colors change very fast here but not because people are re-painting their houses.

    Speaking of repainting, I doubt that you and the neighbor will repaint at the same time. And who knows what color your neighbor will paint then? It could be blue which really clashes with orange!

  4. It looks like the sherbert colors we saw on some important buildings on 55. I was told they'd fade, and I haven't checked back, but I agree that six months in the sun will mellow the hue.

  5. I really like the classy crown molding ( is that what they are called?) above the doors and windows. I can't remember if they were present on the original facade.
    The orange/terra cotta actually looks great.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. We just returned from Merida and it is very orange...but strangely it fits the climate. The facade still needs a little work, but I think the new front doors will really help bring it together!