Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shadow and Light..

I haven't been to Merida in almost a year. I just had the pleasure of being there and staying in our partially finished house for 9 days. We had a working bathroom, a bedroom with a mattress, an air conditioner, a plastic table and two chairs and a fan. 

I have not seen the house come alive as the details were added. I think the beauty of the house are in the many details that are being added. Many which I had no knowledge of. Many of which I did not like when I saw photographs of... yet when I saw the house last week, the beauty of it all showed and totally charmed me. I see Roger's brilliance. He loves the play of shadow and light.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful!!! Must be a great joy to actually see it, finally!!Congrats!!!

  2. Here I was feeling sorry for myself breaking my every-three-month cycle, and you haven't been there for nearly a year while your baby is being born. It's very frustrating not being there, and I can see the feeling will only get worse once we begin construction.

  3. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. WOW! To say it's gorgeous is an understatement.

    Finally being able to see it must have felt like opening a giant Christmas gift.