Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can I talk about bathrooms?

Carlos and I thought long and hard about some of the requests we made to Roger.  Our bathrooms were important to us. Living in a 60's tract home in Missouri, our bathrooms are small and not very luxurious. We muled to Merida plumbing fixtures via cruise ship. We handed them off to Roger in Cozumel. Now, months later, we have a master bath  that is to die for....

A rain shower head and four body sprays really help make this a spa like experience. Even the spigot allows for a quick wash of our feet after a dusty walk on Merida's streets! The open air shaft allows the humid air to leave the bathroom quickly. I'm sure some greenery will add a special touch to the shaft area. And I love the color of the ticul tiles, it really makes the whole room glow with a rosy light.
A detail I love and requested is that the toilet be one piece rather than a tank and base and I really wanted dual flush toilets. And yes that is what we have in all three bathrooms!
I still need to see how the copper sink I hand carried to Merida looks in our small bath! More on this as the bathrooms develop!


  1. I put copper sinks from Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan, in three bathrooms and in the kitchen of my house. I love them. The only unexpected thing was how difficult it is to keep the sarro (mineral buildup) under control. Finally I opted to leave it alone. This gives the copper a scruffy, green, very old looking patina, but the sinks do not look clean. If you like the old look, you will be happy. If you like a clean, modern look, copper sinks are a challenge. I'll be interested to see how it works for you.

    1. I love the warm tones of a copper sink... I'm not too picky so I hope I'm good with the aged patina!